Breakfast to set you up for the day.....

In your kitchen area there will be:

Local apple juice from just down the road  at Polgoon  vineyard or  fruits to make your own smoothies. There is also a citrus fruit press if you prefer orange juice.

Muesli/cereal, soy or coconut yogurt, plant milk.

Homemade bread, butter,  jams /spreads.

Sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes  and baked beans for a cooked breakfast, plus tofu and the recipe and ingredients for the best scrambled tofu!


There are the basics, such as cold pressed rapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oils, pots of herbs etc., so you won't have to buy them if you want to cook meals.

A range of teas, coffees, herb/spice teas.  

You can ask for top-ups as needed.

All our food is vegan;

please do not bring non-vegan foods in.

You can let me know if you have any allergies in the breakfast options form which will come with your booking form, where you will also be able to choose  breakfast preferences. I can cater for most allergies/intolerances.